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Mood Journal: "My When I Fel: Pink, Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Chartruese, Teal, Aqua, Blue, Violet, Purple, Mood Journal" is a bright colorful glossy cover journal. 


This journal is made with premium quality paper for bright colors and to give a great coloring experience. At the beginning of each color, it is marked with words that express the meanings of that color.  The colors range through: Pink, Magenta (bright bold pink), Red, Orange, Yellow, Chartruese, Green, Teal, Aqua, Blue, Violet, and Purple.


There are pages to color, lined pages for writing, blank spaces for drawing, colored notes on pages, colored rainbows to give inspiration for a poem, story, or picture. There are a few pages with positive quotes and/or Bible verses.


This mood journal was created with teen girls in mind, yet, this journal is not specifically for teens. If you love the idea of this journal in bright colors giving you space to create as you want, then this journal is for you or that person who would love to receive this as a gift!


This beautiful bright mood journal was meant to be your companion to write in when you wish to express and write out your mood of: being happy, inspired, positive, sad, tranquil, spiritual, sympathetic, fun, etc. Find the color that represents your mood and happy creating!


Writing, coloring, and drawing are great ways to get your feelings out of your head so that you can deal with those emotions, if they need that.


There are two options to purchase this journal. It is available on Amazon at this link: Journal on Amazon or you can choose to order from a limited stock through this site.


This journal was created by Loraine Yoder, the designer of Loraine's Faith Place.

Mood Journal in Bright Colors for Teens and Women

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