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Personalized Spiral Journal "Jesus: 'I am the door'" 5784 Hebrew Meaning.


Personalized Spiral Journal featuring the powerful message "Jesus: 'I am the door'" with the 5784 Hebrew meaning of a season of an open door. This journal is perfect for those seeking a deeper connection to their faith and spiritual journey. The handy size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, and the durable spiral binding ensures that your pages stay intact. With blank ruled pages, you have the freedom to fill this journal with your thoughts, prayers, and reflections. Whether you're using it for personal devotionals or sermon notes, this personalized journal is a beautiful and meaningful addition to your collection.


Use this handy size personalized notebook that easily stows away in a purse, briefcase, or backpack. Being almost 8" tall and 6" wide with 59 sheets of blank ruled sheets of paper, it is a very handy size to grab and write notes. 


Shopping lists, school notes or poems - 118 page (59 shets) spiral notebook with ruled line paper is a perfect companion in everyday life. The durable printed cover makes the owner proud to carry it everywhere.


The Story Behind the Design:


This design is for those who know about the Hebrew calendar year of 5784, which is “the year of the door” or “the year of the open door”.


If you have studied Hebrew at all, the number 4 is a dalet, which represents a door. And this is the short explanation of the meaning of this year, which started September 16, 2023. Hebrew is a picture language with each letter having its own meaning. When all the letter/numbers are put together, they come up with the meaning of this new year.


We will soon be in the Gregorian calendar of 2024, which overlaps with 5784, so this is representative of what we will see in the coming year.


I was listening to someone talking about this, and this design came to me. If you follow any of the prophetic words, they also agree with this description.


The stone by the door represents the stone that sealed the tomb where Jesus lay after he was crucified. On the stone I have a quote from Jesus saying, “I am the door” from John 10:4. Jesus himself is the door to eternal life.


We need Jesus in 2024 and 5784, so all of this symbolism is coming together in this design with Jesus as the door to our future.


Size Chart:


 One Size
Height, in7.99
Length, in5.98
Depth, in0.59


Personalized Spiral Journal "Jesus: 'I am the door'" 5784 Hebrew Meaning

SKU: 12097385385227381561
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • 118 ruled line pages (59 sheets)
    • Front cover print
    • Dark grey back cover

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